+3 Warhammer, Artifact

weapon (melee)

An anathema to goblins, trolls, and giants, Whelm is a war hammer of noble bearing originally crafted by dwarves. Its spirit is a born hunter, driving its wielder to slay the weapon’s enemies.

Whelm is a +3 magic warhammer with the following properties and powers.
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +3d6 damage, or +3d10 damage against creatures larger than Medium size.

Gain a +2 item bonus to Perception checks.
You can make a ranged basic attack with Whelm as if it has the heavy thrown property and a range of 5/10.
Power (Weapon) At-Will (Standard Action)
As the paladin’s valiant strike power (PH 92).
Power (Thunder, Weapon) Encounter (Standard Action)
As the paladin’s thunder smite power (PH 94).
Power (Healing, Weapon) Daily (Standard Action)
As the paladin’s bloodied retribution power (PH 95).


Currently wielded by the Mighty Robelar, Whelm is a magic artifact recovered by Flaming Gnome Attack in White Plume Mountain. Whelm was taken from Ctenmiir the inter-dimensional vampire who, after a tough fight with F.G.A., was trapped in a pocket dimension of his own creation.


Flaming Gnome Attack Robelar