Talvea Quartermaine

Baroness of Gardbury, Grand Magister of Fallcrest


Human (female), approx 60 years old

Honorific: Lady Gardbury
“ol’ Drawn ‘n’ Quartermaine”
“The Warden’s Beak”
“The Baronoose”

Iron-gray hair
Unsettlingly large, piercing blue eyes
Pinched mouth
Wears deep purple gown trimmed in glossy black fur
Wears a band of black iron around her head

Age: approx. 60

Known Associates:


Serves as Grand Magister of the Lord Warden’s Justice, as such, functions as the primary judicial authority of the Nentir Vale
Condemned Agrid to death
Condemned Nineran to death
Bestowed the rank of Knight Errant on Mortaqui, Robelar, Tort, Vondal, and Zoltar in recognition of their heroic deeds during the assault on Shadowfell Keep and the defeat of Kalarel
Declared Cocktoesin to be an outlaw
Ordered FGA to eradicate goblin presence from Shadowfell Keep and bring her Fis’Ting’s head
Commanded Adamus Aquilonius the bard to spy on FGA using a speaking stone

Talvea Quartermaine

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