Rangrim Glintshield

ur-Thane of Clan Glintshield


Dwarf (male)

Honorific: ur-Thane Glintshield

Full black beard
Wears simple silver circlet


Youngest son of Harvek, Thane of Clan Glintshield
Led a group of non-combatants through Stonefang Pass to escape the Severed Eye orcs’ siege of the pass’s Citadel
Sought refuge in ruined buildings outside of Timbervale
Traveled to Winterhaven to find heroes willing to aid his people
Hired FGA to break the Severed Eyes’ siege and rescue his people
Returned to Timbervale to await word from FGA
Murdered in camp at Timbervale by unknown assassin

Rangrim Glintshield

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