Scion of Orcus


Human (male) mid-60s

Tall and gaunt
Favors a ram skull helmet
Fierce visage and disquieting high-pitched voice


Plotted to open an ancient portal to the Shadowfell located beneath Shadowfell Keep
Employed numerous spies and agents, including Nineran and Agrid
Acquired necromantic artifact from Traevus Boldcrate for use in his rituals
Commanded a small army of undead, kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, priests and berserkers, including his champions Irontooth and The Warchief
Kidnapped and murdered scores of Winterhaven villagers, using their blood and pain in his rituals
Ordered Nineran to raise an army of undead from the Winterhaven cemetery and gave her the ritual and components to do so
Corrupted the once sacred Keep on the Shadowfell and cast a pall over the town of Winterhaven, causing residents to experience nightmares, insomnia, paranoia and lethargy
Killed by Vondal and FGA during their assault on the Keep and their cleansing of the corrupted temple and portal that were at the center of his plot
His body, along with those of his acolytes, were thrown through the portal and, presumably, into the plane of Shadowfell by FGA


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