Aethelred Aquilonius

Human Ranger


Aethelred and Adamus are the sons of Alfred, an enterprising farmer in the Gardbury region. He established trading relationships with the dwarves in the nearby mountain city of Hammerfast to the west and the elves of Winterbole Forest to the north. His farm became a commercial hub for the region and as a reward for the coin he brought to the region, he was knighted by his liege lords, the Quartermaine family, who owned the land. The talented Adamus began accompanying his father on trips to Gardmore Abbey, to entertain the noble family and improve his father’s standing with them. Aethelred was responsible for maintaining relations with the elves, spending long days and nights guarding merchant caravans, hacking trails through the wilderness and fighting off marauding gnolls and orcs. Aethelred came to resent his brother for his life of leisure and spent more and more time in the wilderness. Meanwhile, he began to hear troubling rumors that the new head of the Gardbury Barony, Talvea Quartermaine, felt threatened by Alfred’s growing influence.

One day, Aethelred returned to find his father’s estate burned to the ground. The servants murdered. Alfred’s head stuck on a pike. All signs pointed to an orc raid, but the rumors he’d heard continue to haunt him. The peasants would say little about what happened. He heard that his brother took up with this Talvea Quartermaine, Baroness Gardbury, but he found nothing but hostility when he tried to gain admittance to Gardmore Abbey.

Aethelred retreated to the wilderness, wracked by guilt and determined to discover the truth about his father’s fate and make amends with Adamus. Recently, he learned that Adamus was sent on a mission far to the east with an company of the Baroness’s knights known as Flaming Gnome Attack. He traveled to Winterhaven, learned that FGA had recently returned from their mission, but no one fitting his brother’s description was with them.

Aethelred Aquilonius

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